Where Santa Cruz Comes to Chill

When you stop in at Marianne’s you immediately know that this place is special; the Santa Cruz state of mind is perfectly reflected. So many great choices, plenty of friendly company, unique characters and combinations, and good people reaching out to help you enjoy your scoops, your day, and your time.

Your Story
Is Our History

We’re creating history together. Share your story with us. We’d love to hear from you. Let us in on your ice cream tradition. Show us your ice cream face. Or simply scoop out the love.

Made with Love

Hand-crafted ice cream that’s made with love. Marianne’s has been innovating flavors and using time honored techniques to bring the richest creamiest and most delightful ice creams to you since 1947.


A careful process of hand preparing our ingredients and hand mixing the flavors reflects the personal care we take every day. Starting before 6:00 am, the folks at Marianne’s are working to deliver the best ice cream and novelties we know how to make.

We have more than 100 flavors in our rotation and more than 250 in our recipe box. So, whether it’s our latest experiment, or the honored standby, you know the ice cream is still made the way it is has always been made- By hand, right here in Santa Cruz.



Time Warp


Whether it’s your first stop on your way in, or your last stop on your way out, Marianne’s is a great time.

The scoop shop on Ocean Street has been our home since the very beginning, almost 70 years ago. Recognized by our iconic red building, 1020 has seen generations of Santa Cruz. Oh if walls could talk, the stories they’d tell. You’d be happy to know that the walls of Marianne’s aren’t saying a peep, but they are dancing, with cows. Our dancing cow wallpaper has a story all its own, just ask the folks at the counter about it.

We recently added another classic location, the former Bob’s Market in Seacliff was also built in 1947, and so we have an instant classic at the entrance to Seacliff Beach State Park. Walk in on any morning and you can have espresso or coffee and check out the Local Flavor.

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